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About MedsClub

MedsClub is a recently established community of Better’s Better Meds medication management system users. The group explores best practices in medication management with the mission of going beyond electronic prescribing and national borders. MedsClub aims to become a diverse universe of thoughts and knowledge about the best possible practices of patient care.

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Learn from the
most experienced
You will be able to hear from and connect with experts that have already implemented ePMA. They will share their successes and challenges so that you can learn from their mistakes and avoid them in your own implementation.
Get updated
with the latest
Electronic prescribing is here, but what are the next steps? We will hear about the latest progress NHSx is making to enable a seamless national medication data-exchange. We will also look at a new ways of improving medication management support for clinicians and patients.
Get instant feedback
and share insight
After the presentations and a panel discussion, listeners will be divided into work groups to address any current and crucial topics which were identified during the event.

Past events

Every year we organize public events open to the broader audiece.

2020 edition highlights

  • How can technology help patients take medications as prescribed?
  • Benefits are difficult to measure.
  • What to consider for success?
  • What is the current state of transfer of care information in the UK?
2019 edition highlights

Electronic prescribing and medication administration (ePMA) checklist What to expect and how to succeed?

Get an exclusive insight into what more than 40 ePMA key stakeholders - CCIOs, CNIOs, Chief Medical Officers, Lead Pharmacists, ePMA Project Leads - established and concluded at the 2019 OPENeP Community day. The purpose of the event was to encourage ideas on ways to improve the patient journey, and to build collaboration between different trusts so that they can share their experience and knowledge.

Read the summary HERE

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