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lechyd da, Wales!

Embarking on a digital transformation is always exciting. But why settle for a ready-made medication management solution, when you can achieve so much more with a provider that praises individuality, shares your sense of community, and has a platform to support your vision?

A valuable part of digital change can be transitioning to an electronic way of prescribing and managing medications. That’s because such a solution – if it comes from a provider that truly understands your challenges – delivers many more positive effects than just an optimisation of your workflow and greater patient safety. It allows for healthcare that is sustainable, future-proof, and accessible. Wales, you are ready to make that leap.

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Opening up to a healthier everyday.

Connecting and sharing meaningful data, at scale, is the driving force for healthcare based on prevention. Better data paves the way to healthier, happier citizens, who are then responsible for their own wellbeing.

Developing a nation-wide digital infrastructure calls for a standards-based, and highly adaptable platform with an open data approach; the kind that enables continuous transformation and empowers community care, and even patients themselves. Better Meds is only the beginning.

Localised configuration that fits everyone’s specific needs.

Every health board faces different challenges and works in a unique way. Better Meds can be adjusted to fit local demands, at the same time, the prescribing information is available by flawless connection to the other Wales health boards clinical systems.

Each Wales health board can have its very own version of Better Meds. Yet, no matter what the level of customisation, our architecture and solution will connect seamlessly in a Wales-wide medication-sharing record, leaving you with a full prescription information available for the whole population.

Medication reconciliation
for your region.

Meet the electronic prescribing and medication management solution that minimises time losses and prescribing errors, while maximising the collaboration of healthcare professionals. Better Meds provides you with more confident co-workers, and improved patient safety.

Made for now, ready for the future

User-friendly by design, customisable by nature
Seamlessly connects and integrates with all wales pharmacy systems
Easily embeds into your existing clinical portal
Rapidly adopts new national standards and innovations
Scalable and deployable, locally or in the cloud

Good health is a joined effort.

Let’s establish a community of knowledge sharing, allowing all of Wales to learn and share order sets, formularies, and best practices. We will empower health boards to deploy, configure, and sustain their electronic prescribing solutions for years to come. Wales, Better will support and cheer you on, all the way.
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